A manifesto is defined as a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions. It’s at the heart a living document that a person or an organization creates to declare the guiding principles they wish to live inside of.

This is our incomplete manifesto for a fuller expression of human care in health care

Choose to believe we can create opportunities for healing through empowerment. The placebo effect is real. Remember the magic of ourselves.

Imagine functional spaces, reflecting nature, that have the power to inspire and energize, while nurturing safety and care.

Reflect consistently on the quality of how we see ourselves and the system. That is how we practice wisely.

Bringing yourself fully to the moment is a radical act in itself. There will never be enough time. Make every moment mindful. Make every moment count.

Listen intently. Below the surface of illness, there are many layers of why. A deep and well honed process supports the best outcomes.

Gaze between the parts and the whole. Attending both, we honor their interconnectedness.

There is a season for everything. We honor all the cycles of life, not just the harvest.

Remind yourself every time you feel afraid. What would love do here?

Most human behavior is driven by short term needs and immediate battles. Leaders tackle difficult and significant problems. Pursue difficulty with zeal. Overcome it. Rest and Repeat.

I am ready to sign this declaration and join the movement to transform health care into human care.