This is a visionary space that can see the future you

We invite organizations to author the further reaches of the possible.
We bring together leading facilitators from around the world to help organizations and their people redesign their experience - developing better collective capacities for sense-making and meaning-making to inform higher quality choice-making - moving towards a world consistent with our higher values and potentials; this is the precursor to organizations and leaders that thrive and a health care experience that is transformative.

Stepping into the Future

In a world that is complex and fast moving, how does an organization keep pace, particularly in a health care industry that is notoriously cautious? Organizations that are visioning the future benefit from the accompaniment of our team of designers and facilitators who help participants author a future that is more satisfying and impactful. We support organizations in expanding their sense-making, which increases their capacity to make enlightened choices.

Vertical Development in Health

Vertical development is about expanding mindsets — it fundamentally changes the way we think and behave. Mindset refers to the mental models we use when we are thinking and its impact on our sense of identity. It informs our attitudes and behaviors. Vertical Development has far-reaching applications for health practice; it helps health leaders deepen their awareness of the stories they are telling themselves that shape their reality and how to expand those narratives developmentally.

Mindful Leadership

Presence of mind and deep awareness creates clarity around what is necessary to fully engage ourselves and those in our care. A mindful disposition invites creativity, adaptability, and the capacity to be meaningfully present in any interaction. Leading mindfully means having the presence of attention to be aware of how our thoughts, emotions and sensations are supporting the present moment and bringing our full capacities to bear. Through mindful presence we open to tremendous possibilities.

Cultivating Resilience

Adversity in an organization is inevitable. How one relates to that adversity is within our power. Cultivating resilience means learning the path that transforms obstacles into opportunities. Limiting beliefs in how things should be done inhibits change and growth across organizations. We can react or we can choose; one path leads to growth the other leads to the familiar and a resurfacing of old patterns. Resilience is the opportunity to bounce forward and grow through adversity.

Effecting a Culture Shift

Leadership is 98% disposition and 2% position. That means that great leaders begin with the question: How am I leading myself? From that place we can begin to understand how we are projecting ourselves into the world and how we are inviting others to know themselves. Organizational cultures can be built around this ever evolving intelligence where everyone becomes more attuned to each other. That is a culture that nourishes mutual growth and support.

Participatory Design in Health Care

Participatory design aspires to actively involve all stakeholders in the creative process. It facilitates mutual empathy and equal engagement involving entire communities. Participatory design is an antidote to disempowering health care practice arising from destabilizing hierarchies, often seen in approaches to health care administration and across the experience of authoritarian health care. By facilitating the design of spaces, processes, and interactions developed in a participatory way, one restores equilibrium by drawing on collective capacity.

Our Facilitators

Our seasoned group of facilitators have worked with some of the largest health care organizations in the world skillfully employing their wisdom to develop health care leaders who are in tune with the present and future-ready.

Bhaskar Goswami

For more than two decades, Bhaskar has been a wellness and culture transformational consultant with elite organizations. He serves as a mentor to organizational leaders and their teams. Bhaskar is an impactful speaker and the author of 'Wisdom Stories'. He is the founder of multiple-award-winning organizations dedicated to making transformational practices accessible to all. He has a Master's Honors in Electronic Engineering from Nottingham University (UK) and a 10-year international engineering career.

David Frank Gomes

David works as a guide to visionaries at the intersection of wisdom traditions, mindfulness, and business. His passion over the last two decades of working in this field has been to help people define what’s next for them and guide them to have the courage to claim it by putting it into action in the world. The greatest satisfaction he gets from his work is helping people take a stand for something that matters to them, improving the quality and depth of their life and work.

Philip Horvath

For 30+ years Philip has been pushing the edge of technological and personal transformation. Starting his career coding databases for a hospital, he has been supporting the world's leading brands in enterprise transformation. Having studied leadership and individuation with teachers and masters around the world, he now serves as an international keynote speaker on future leadership and creation.

Beena Sharma

Beena Sharma stewards Vertical Development Academy (VeDA) as its founding president, with a vision to enhance the practice of human development. Beena helps organizations orient themselves to the path of the evolving human being across the various stages of maturity. Beena is a gifted master coach, consultant, teacher, and thought leader. She has led efforts as an executive and consultant for leading private-sector companies in healthcare and other industries in the U.S., U.K., Europe, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, and India.

Greg Silos

Greg is a problem-centric director of research, strategy and design with a background in facilitation, design management, strategic foresight, service and venture design. He co-creates solutions that leverage design principles for the enhancement of society, equity, and the environment. His work has spanned the globe, helping to design new ventures for established corporations like Bayer, Roche, Avis/Zipcar and NGK, while also advising emerging health startups.

Mark Stolow

Mark has more than 20 years of experience working in the health care vertical helping organizations evolve their understanding of themselves. Drawing on wisdom East and West, he has helped fortune 500 companies shape their culture, health strategy, and future outlook. He works with leaders at expanding their sense making which ultimately enhances their choice making. He has stewarded leading-edge programs in support of family caregivers and people impacted by a health issue. He humbly acts in the role of Founding Director of People Before Patients.

Brian Trzaskos

Brian Trzaskos is a human wellness expert and co-creator of Sensation-Based Motivation Coaching, a somatic, trauma-sensitive methodology. He believes that education is powerful medicine that allows people to access their greatest healing potentials. He is a nationally recognized expert for his work in training health and wellness leaders how to successfully address mental wellness, burnout, and chronic pain challenges with trauma-sensitive, somatic coaching practices.

Francis Laleman

Francis is a systemic designer. He focuses on participatory design working with learning communities as creative spaces. Over the forty+ years of his professional journey, he has crafted a unique facilitation style, marked by playfulness, artfulness, cooperation, narrative patterns, and monastic routines. Francis is also a committed Scrum Master, an advocate of the Agile movement, a writer, a painter, and a teacher of Sanskrit, Pali and Buddhism. He is currently based in Singapore, having worked and lived in Europe, the Middle East, India, and Sri Lanka.