Health Care Re-imagined

Let's make caring for one another our greatest ambition.

Our Story

We are people impacted by a health issue, professionals and wellness enthusiasts actualizing a new vision for what we can become when health care is deeply humanized.

Health is a fundamental expression of our humanity and the foundation of a life well lived. Too much of our health care experience overlooks this shared truth in how it approaches care.

The People Before Patients movement is re-imagining how health and care co-exist in better balance.

Michael, 36
Michael's cardiologist sees more than a broken pump, he sees the human heart has hidden treasures - the thoughts, hopes, dreams and desires of Michael to get back to the family he loves.
Grace, 77
Grace’s mind is changing. Her family are the guardians of her cherished memories, caring for her as she ages with dignity.

A Pledge to Improve Health Care

Intentionally cultivate opportunities to nurture compassion, kindness, and dignity for everyone.

Make giving and receiving care a physical, emotional, and spiritual experience.

Personalize care to reflect people’s values, beliefs, and life experiences.

Invite a process that welcomes vulnerability and engages in real conversation to better understand ourselves and each other.

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Amida, 49
Amida is an ER doctor. She witnesses suffering daily. She reflects the honor and privilege of serving the public as a physician.

#PeopleBeforePatients is a movement led by:

The Canadian Caregiver Network is a non-profit organization founded in 2011.

Through our programming and services, we have assisted more than 500,000 people live healthier lives. We are dedicated to optimal health for all that includes all.